#24C Chevron Mudflaps - 1/4" Thick Rubber  PAIR

#24C Chevron Mudflaps - 1/4" Thick Rubber PAIR

SKU: #2424c - 24" x 24" reinforced
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Mudflaps are priced by the PAIR.

The most popular size in this type is a 24" x 30".

Our quality constructed mud flaps are molded from tire cord-reinforced solid rubber to stand up to the most severe road conditions and to resist cold weather cracking and tearing.

They are molded using a unique grain pattern process eliminating the “waving” effect. Slotted holes on standard centers allow quick installation. You no longer have to worry about variable tolerances when mounting our flaps to various trailer bodies.

Additionally these mudflaps have a reinforced header to prevent sagging, tearing, and degrading of the connection point, ensuring longer lasting quality and reliability.

Enhance your vehicle’s appearance, and meet NTSB safety requirements.

Available in 24x24", 24x30", and 24x36" sizes. See the drop down menu for different sizes and pricing options.