#7740 40 Hole Assortment Bin - Steel

#7740 40 Hole Assortment Bin - Steel

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USA Engineered and Manufactured

• Heavy duty Steel
Compare the weight of ours to the competition.

• Interlocking Parts
The most basic, sturdy way to insure strength.

• Spot Welded Throughout
Good, but only the minimum for a strong cabinet.

• One Inch Hemmed Lips
Adding an extra margin of safety and strength.

• Baked Enamel Finish
Superior & Durable, chemically and heat bonded.

• “No Wasted Space” Cubby Design
All available space is available for storage

• “Stay In” Cubby Design
Keeps parts from sliding out.

• Shipped Fully Assembled
No bolts to tighten, ready to use.