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#8451 Interfoam Flexible Anti-Flutter Foam10.5FL Oz. - DencoDistributing

#8451 Interfoam Flexible Anti-Flutter Foam10.5FL Oz.

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INTER-FOAM 5sec Flexible Foam. A two part flexible urethane foam formulated to expand up to 10 times its original volume. Used to stop wind noise and water leaks in pillar posts. Adds reinforcement to panels. Stops panel flutter. Provided sound deadening. Our automatic mixing system eliminates errors which are common in manual mixing. Dispenses with any IES 300mL cartridge applicator gun. Expands in 5 to 10 seconds Handling strength in 2 to 3 minutes Duplicates OEM Foams. Paintable With Excellent Memory - Compresses up to 55% of it's expanded size.