#CN4 Copper Nickel Brake Line 1-4" 25' Length

#CN4 Copper Nickel Brake Line 1-4" 25' Length

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This is one roll of 1/4" brake line. Used for all automotive applications, .028" wall thickness so that it is easy to flare, bend and install. This is the softest tube on the market - bend by hand flare with any flare tool - even the cheapest lowest tool will still flare this tube. Easy to work with. Worth the extra cost over zinc or stainless if you are bending your own with no experience.


  • Copper Nickel Steel Brake Line Coil
  • 1/4" x 25 foot

All tubing conforms to the following:

  • Wall thickness =.028 (.70mm)
  • Elongation in 2 (50mm) = 14%
  • Hardness (Rockwell 30T Scale): 35
  • Clean finish inside and out

Leak and vibration resistance


SAE J527b DIN 74234

SAE J1290 ISO 4038

SAE J1650 GM123M


Yield Strength: 24,656 PSI

Tensile Strength: 42,061 PSI

Working Pressure: 4,500 PSI

Burst Pressure: 17, 900 PSI

Copper Nickel