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#DJ Concrete Floor Cleaner White Powder #50 Drum

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  • Quickly penetrates grease, oil, and dirt. It dissolves, loosens, and suspends heavy embedded soils and allows them to be rinsed away. Will not leave a residue. Pine scented.
  • A heavy duty, alkaline concrete cleaner. Designed to cut through heavy deposits of grease, oil, and grime quickly and easily. Dissolves completely in water and will not leave a powdery residue. Non-butyl.
  • Advantages
  • Quickly soaks down into grease, oil, and dirt. Even hard-to-get, embedded soil is dissolved, loosened, suspended and floats to surface ready to be rinsed away.
  • Concrete dries lighter in color. Because the oil and grease are gone, the dry floor is not slippery. Will not leave a white residue.
  • A clean floor looks good, helps to prevent accidents, and will not track.
  • Use anywhere concrete should be cleaned.
  • Other uses for this versatile cleaner: hard surface cleaning (station hoist, automotive, or truck chassis, etc.), battery terminals, steel and iron parts.
  • Contains no phosphates.