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#SL866 - Reel Light LED 1,200 Lumen Work Light 50'

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This all LED Work Light is quite possibly the brightest hand-held & hands-free work light available, and it comes attached to a Heavy Duty Retractable Metal Reel with 50' of 18/2 SVT cord. With two brightness settings of 1,200 and 600 Lumens this light is perfect for lighting up a large area. Lightweight and virtually indestructible, this work light will handle just about anything you can throw at it. The light has two built-in magnets with a detachable magnetic hook, one at the balance point in the middle of the handle, and the other at the tip of the light. The octagonal shape to the handle keeps the floodlight aimed in the correct direction when you lay the light on its side. It can be attached to either integrated body magnet and rotated 360 degrees. Product includes a mounting bracket that allow the reel to be attached to the wall or ceiling.


  • All LED construction
  • Work Light has two brightness settings: 1,200 & 600 Lumens
  • Two built in magnets, one at the tip of the light and the other at the mid-point of the body offer hands-free options
  • Included magnetic hook can be attached to either of the built in magnets for even more versatility
  • Octagonal body design keeps the light in place when laid on its side
  • Attached to 50’ of 18/2 SVT cord inside of a retractable metal reel
  • Includes mounting bracket for attaching the reel to the wall or ceiling